Map indicating visited states: Michigan,Wisconsin,Minnesota,Iowa,Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky,Ohio In June 1999, the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain (RCCGB) undertook a mammoth 15-day tour around 14 theme and amusement parks in 8 states of the USA. The tour was dubbed Woodiestock due to the high proportion of wooden coasters.

The 90-or-so members who ventured on this journey, in front of the entrance to Cedar Point.

Group Photo

The Welsh contingent of the trip at Cedar Point! Me, Ryan, Gareth, Neil, Lyndon.

The 5 Welsh people on the trip
Day-by-day reports
1Michigan's AdventureMichigan
2Big Chief Cart & Coaster WorldWisconsin
4Knott's Camp SnoopyMinnesota
5Arnold's ParkIowa
7Six Flags Great AmericaIllinois
8Indiana BeachIndiana
9Holiday WorldIndiana
10Six Flags Kentucky KingdomKentucky
11Paramount's Kings IslandOhio
13Geauga LakeOhio
14 & 15Cedar PointOhio
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